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Kaizen: a knowledge for continuous improvement

Kaizen is a strategy where employees at all levels of a company work together proactively to achieve regular, incremental improvements to the manufacturing process. In a sense, it combines the collective talents within a company to create a powerful engine for improvement. Kaizen is a philosophy that involves everyone in the company. From the director to the worker. Indeed, for the Kaizen to exist in a factory for example, it is necessary that each speaker is appropriate. It is not a technique that we apply, it is a state of mind that we are impregnated. For this, the Kaizen will rely on the knowledge of each member of the company: its readiness to change and its ability to carry it out.

Kaizen is based on the belief that everything can be improved, and nothing is the status quo. It also rests on a Respect for People principle. Kaizen involves identifying issues and opportunities, creating solutions and rolling them out -- and then cycling through the process again for inadequately addressed issues and problems. A cycle made up of seven steps can be implemented for continuous improvement and can provide a systematic method for executing this process.

Kaizen Presentation on Sustainable Business Activities

Since the last year kunzite has been working with this strategy and through this process made many changes in HPM and will continue to do so.