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What is Kaizen (Continuous Improvement)

Kaizen comes from the Japanese words “kai” which means “change or improvement” & “zen” which means “for betterment. Its popular meaning from Toyota is “continuous improvement” or “small incremental improvements” of all areas of a company, not just manufacturing. It is a very famous Lean Manufacturing tool.

What is the Kaizen Event?

A Kai-Zen event should be part of an overall program of continuous improvement and It based on many small changes rather than fundamental changes. It does not require major capital investment or major process changes. The fundamental changes are related to Research and Development. As the ideas come from the workers themselves, they are easier to implement. All employees should continually be seeking ways to improve their own performance. It helps encourage workers to take ownership of their work and can help reinforce the team working, thereby improving worker motivation. It is a very famous tool in Lean Manufacturing.

Implementation at HPM

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