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Sales forecasting process:-

Strategy means winning a war on paper before any Battle*. It means proper planning and monitoring the progress at every level, contingency Plan (Plan B & Backup Plan), SWOT analysis and execution in a planned way. Risk Elimination and Reduction at every stage need to address before its execution too.

Similarly The sales forecasting is process which leads any organization towards its objectives and Goal. Proper Sales Forecasting needs lot of Data analysis, Historical Trends, Experience, Expertise in the subject etc. While wrong sales forecasting results in negative consequences and Loss. Sales forecasting is based upon some universal methods which are being covered in the topic by Ms Anita Rawat in Kunzite Training Session, please watch.

Sales forecasting is the process of estimating future revenue by predicting the amount of product a sales unit (which can be an individual salesperson, a sales team, or a company) will sell in the next week, month, quarter, or year.


By sales forecasting, everyone gets a clear picture of how much new revenue your company will generate in a given period of time. It gives the right insights and helps to take the necessary steps towards continuous growth.

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