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Managing Director of Kunzite Group Pvt. Ltd Mrs.Tapasya Goel has held leadership roles across many different businesses and activites. Prior to establishing Kunzite, Mrs. Goel involved in many social activities. Mrs. Goel is known as an inclusive leader who has a track record of delivering enterprise value through strong engagement and well being for our farmers. Mrs. Goel has a demonstrated reputation of conveying strong execution and profitability enhancement while keeping up customers requirement and company values. Experienced in many different fields, she is a strategic, innovative thinker who challenges the status quo and is adept at engaging peers and bringing the company with the Up-Scale Automation Model.

Tapasya Goel (Managing Director)

Her experiences across multiple areas, geographies and agro-business functions bring a broad perspective to her leadership style. An Energetic Woman, Dynamic and extremely smart-working, she is an active mentor and coach to various people both inside and outside Kunzite. Tapasya Goel's mission is to lead change with strategy development and execution that creates a secure path to the future and keeps the agriculture, household, logistic and Information Technology at the centre so Kunzite can contribute to its people needs worldwide.

Tapasya Goel is known by many different identities such as a social worker, entrepreneur, but her most prominent and eminent role has been an executive director of HPM. Her strong acumen for business has helped the company garner as much as worth of crucial deals within the last couple of years. She has contributed majorly in expanding the horizons of the group globally.

Mrs. Goel has been awarded with the "40 Most Influential Leaders Under 40 Award" by the URS Media Consulting and Asia One Magazine in May 2018. She got National Quality Excellence Innovative Leader Award for her commendable work and her business achievements and being an inspiration to India’s corporate leadership. She got Icons & Crusaders Business Achievers Awards for "Women entrepreneur of the year" by Navdrishti group. Recently She has received the AsiaOne "Black swan Women Empowerment Award" by the URS Media Consulting and Asia One Magazine in may 2019.

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