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7 December 2022

A complete Guide For Potato Farming

Potato is considered as a commercial crop of India. Total vegetable crops production of the India is 169.06 million tons from total area 10.10 million ha with productivity 16.73 t/ ha. In India

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29 November 2021

2,4-D Technicals for Agriculture

2,4-D is a widely used herbicide that controls broadleaf weeds that has been used as a pesticide since the 1940s. It is used in many places including turf, lawns, rights-of-way, aquatic sites, forestry sites, and a variety of field, fruit and vegetable crops.

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29 October 2021

The Importance of Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is one of the oldest and most effective cultural control strategy. It means the planned order of specific crops planted on the same field, it also means that the succeeding crop belongs to different family than the previous crop.

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29 September 2021


Without farming tools, no plants will able to produce crops, which is very important so that we can able to have foods in our table each meal.

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24 September 2021


Mentality of the Eagle that can help and actually change our daily living if we apply it in our real life.

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7 September 2021

Different Types Of Formulations

Pesticides are available in various "formulations". A formulation is simply the form of a specific product that you use.

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27 August 2021


A formal process, consisting of series of meetings, where data from various areas of business is discussed and decisions are made.

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21 August 2021

Kaizen: a knowledge for continuous improvement

Kaizen is a strategy where employees at all levels of a company work together proactively to achieve regular, incremental improvements to the manufacturing process.

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28 July 2021

Kunzite Group Launches Its Three New Verticals

We are delighted to inform you that Kunzite has recently undergone a re-branding exercise and developed Three new identities to communicate the brand philosophy, values and strengths that define our original mission and future aspirations.

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8 August 2021

Enabling The Enterprises to drive, fly & build Smooth Business Operations

Transform your operations across domains using AI and Automation towards an Autonomous Enterprise for improved resilience, assurance, and superior customer experience.

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16 August 2021

End-to-end Logistics Solutions Powered By Expertise And Technolog

We are a leading company of logistics services to the various industries. We aspire to be the industry leader in our business segments by delivering superior customer service and a focus on quality, safety, and environmental standards.

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