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Sales and Operations Planning

A formal process, consisting of series of meetings, where data from various areas of business is discussed and decisions are made. The goal is agreement between various departments on the best course of action to achieve the optimal balance between supply and demand and to meet profitability goals

Why We need S&OP ? It is a process to help you deliver better customer service, lower inventory, shorter lead times, more stable production rates, and better management of an overall business. Lastly, it gives an awesome team building and communication mechanism. To develop a cross-departmental consensus business plan that is achievable, given the business aspirations and constraints, and ensures that every function and sub-function within the business is working to achieve the same goal.

S&OP is arguably the least understood supply chain process in the management team. One notable benefit is it offers vital communication links for top management to manage the different planning phases within a business process effectively. The primary goal is to create an overall business process that integrates all functional planning activities efficiently.

Conference Meeting on Kunzite supply chain solutions by Mr. Amit Chugh