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What is Jidoka (Autonomation)?

Jidoka means Autonomation. Autonomation described as "intelligent automation" or "automation with a human touch". Jidoka (Autonomation) refers to partially automate manufacturing. Partial automation is typically much less expensive than full automation. Jidoka implements some supervisory functions rather than production functions. In this concept, the machine or line is automatically stopped when defects are detected.

Principles of Jidoka: The main principles of Jidoka are mentioned below.

Detect the abnormality in the operation or product.
Stop the operation or product.
Fix or correct the immediate condition of the process or product.
Investigate the root cause and install a countermeasure in process or product.

Benefits of Jidoka(Autonomation):

Jidoka helps employees fix problems as they occur.
Jidoka reduces downtime and breakdowns.
It empowers employees and machines.

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