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Pesticides are available in various "formulations".

A formulation is simply the form of a specific product that you use. Some pesticides formulations include dusts, gels, granules, liquids, aerosols, wettable powders, concentrates, and pre-mixed solutions. Most of the technical pesticides are formulated before use, by mixing active ingredients, with inert, diluents, preservative, adjuvant, etc to obtain a product which is effective, easy to handle and apply, possesses satisfactory shelf life. The purpose of formulating pesticide active ingredients for crop protection is to uniformly spread a small amount of an active chemical over a large area. The goal is to ensure safety in handling and during application and to optimize pesticide efficacy.

kunzite crop science manufactures many different types of formulation including DS, EC, EW, FS, SC, SG, SL, SP, WDG, WG, WP, WS, and ZC. The manufacturing processes are fully automated with advanced specialized equipment and environmentally compliant processes ensuring faster production with safer working conditions. Kunzite presents a video on a formulation that has complete information about all the above-described formulations. with the help of this video, our farmer brothers can easily get all the appropriate information about all the formulations.