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Kaizen: Change for the better

Kaizen (改善) is a Japanese word meaning “improvement”. The symbol kai means to change, to renew, to correct something that is wrong, and zen means “good”. In modern business, kaizen refers to a particular brand of continuous improvement activity that engages all functions and all people in an organization in pursuing both personal and process excellence. In practice, a kaizen is any improvement, a big one-time event or as a series of small changes. It can be done in a variety of ways, individually, with natural work groups or in project teams.

With every employee focusing on improvements, the following results are expected;

Waste reduction in inventory, waiting time, over production, transportation, worker skills etc.

Quality improvement; while most models concentrate on increasing productivity, the philosophy focuses on improving quality, business or system.

Employee well being; all employees take part in decision making and therefore they are encouraged to better themselves. Companies that have adopted the philosophy are more oriented towards their employees’ welfare.

Immediate results; because the philosophy does not focus on large and radical changes, several problems are solved creatively through making small improvements without wastes or mistakes.

Kaizen Presentation on Sustainable Business Activities

Since the last year kunzite has been working with this strategy and through this process made many changes in HPM and will continue to do so.

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