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Risk Elimination and Safety Committee

This committee focuses on the emerging issues of health and safety for employees working in the office, support services, and industrial, maintenance/construction work environments. The support services work environment consists of activities that are conducted outside of the office environment, usually involve public contact, may involve hazardous materials (examples: Department of Public Safety, Department of Environment, Health and Safety, Material Support, and Housekeeping).

Planning the Meeting

Plan the meeting with management and worker representatives, including prioritizing the topics that should be covered and when and where the meeting will be held. Send the agenda and other relevant committee information to committee members and other interested parties at least five days prior to the meeting. Review minutes from the last meeting and check on the status of any pending actions. Review any concerns and suggestions from workers or supervisors so they can be brought to the committee.

Kunzite Presentation on " Risk Elimination and Safety Committee"

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